Thunship Ltd is an independent Finnish shipping company specializing in brokerage of merchant vessels. Thunship Ltd was established in 1954 and is today one of the oldest Shipbroking companies in Finland.  

Thunship Ltd offers professional and high integrity shipping services. In the shipping industry Thunship Ltd is well known as competitive Chartering and Sale & Purchase brokers of Roro-, Ropax/Ferry-, Container- and MPP/Coastal Vessels, with extensive knowledge of Ice-classed tonnage.  

We aim to serve with first class performance leading us to be the preferred choice for our clients.

Shipbrokers since 1954

The Company was established in 1954 as Oy Pipping & Thun AB, active in cargo booking and chartering of dry cargo vessels. In 1960 Mr Ole Thun and Tor Pipping split up and Oy Thun & Co was founded. 
In the early 1970’s Thun & Co became exclusive brokers for chartering and Sale & Purchase activities and also for all cargo booking ex. Finland for account Bore Steamship. At that time Thunship introduced the Sale & Purchase activity as the first broker in Finland also by performing competitive transactions.
During the 1980’s, Thunship (Thun & Co) further established their role as a competitive Sale and Purchase broker, handling numerous transactions for the Finnish ship Owners. In 1988 Oy Thun & Co Ab was renamed Oy Thunship Ab.  
During the early 1990’s Thunship’s role in the shipping industry changed to focus more on Timechartering and Sale & Purchase and less cargo bookings, and during these years Thunship developed many strong relationships together with their good shipowners / charterers / operators and co-brokers. 

Today Thunship continue to focus on their core business, Time chartering and Sale & Purchase of merchant vessels, including but not limited to ice-classed Roro-, Ropax/Ferry-, Container- and MPP/Coastal Vessels.

Our integrity policy / GDPR;
As commercially active Shipbrokers we maintain a client register containing your company and/or personal contact details. No personal and private data register is kept, with the exception of your name, e-mail address, and phone number. We may circulate market reports & information, open vessel positions, freight orders, purchase enquiries and vessels for sale on a case-by-case basis to you. We aim to keep our circulars to a minimum and always send any circulars with hidden recipients (Bcc). We do not forward your contact details to any third party without your prior consent and we do not collect any information from our web-page other than non-personal statistics.
We will keep all received personal information as long as we see it relevant for the specific case, but will delete same immediately if requested. Please call us at +35896226060 or send a mail to thunship@thunship.fi with requests.
Our integrity policy is in line with the EU GDPR, please click https://www.eugdpr.org/ for more information.